We had tried three different pre-schools before finding Weavering Pre-School as our daughter found it very hard to settle at any previously. We were delighted that she settled here instantly – she has loved it from day one! The staff are amazing and they always use such original, fun and fantastic ideas for learning through play.  We are looking forward to when our youngest starts here as we know he will have the best time.  Our daughter looks forward to going each morning and always has a super day.

Because of this I wanted to join the committee to help as much as I can to say thank you to the pre-school for making my child’s time there so special, and to help plan for the future with fresh ideas for the new children.

Such a loving, well organised and forward thinking pre-school.


Both of our children have attended Weavering Preschool and have flourished!

The staff are so friendly and personal and love our children as much as we do. They are very understanding with our son’s allergies and my daughter, who is now in Reception class, still talks about her key worker!

A wonderful first start for little ones.


Both my children have thoroughly enjoyed their experiences at Weavering Preschool. They have learnt through their play and developed socially. The staff are lovely and are always on hand to give support and advice.

A brilliant first step before they go off to school!


Weavering Preschool is truly exceptional and is a very special place. The staff are amazing – they are so welcoming and caring and show a genuine interest in the children.

My son came to the preschool at a very young age and right from the start his key worker did an incredible job to make him feel at home which meant that he settled straight away. The communication with the parents is absolutely brilliant and his key worker has always been available to talk to with any questions I may have about my son’s progress.

My son cannot wait to go to preschool and comes out of every session brimming full of excitement to tell me about what he has done! I have also been incredibly impressed with the little extras that this preschool organises, such as an annual Fun Day, Superhero Day and Sports Day, all of which help to create a wonderful sense of community and belonging.

Thank you Weavering Preschool.


Words cannot describe how wonderful Weavering Preschool is! They go above and beyond their duties and I cannot thank them enough for nurturing my daughter.

We will cherish all the lovely memories made, from the Christmas concerts, Fun Days, parties etc.

Thank you lovely ladies!