Remote Learning Week 1

Dear Parent

Welcome to our first week of distance learning activities for this period of restrictions.  It doesn’t seem long ago that we begun this process before!!  These activities are a support tool for you to encourage your child during this period of “lockdown” to continue along their Learning Journey of the Foundation Stage of the curriculum.  They are for you to “dip in and out” as suits your family commitments, so please don’t feel obliged to complete all the activities.  As before we are also attaching an activity learning sheet and would appreciate you emailing these back to us if and when your child has completed all or any of the activities.  These will then form part of your child’s ongoing records.  We have included an example sheet below for your reference. We so hope that you are all dealing with life’s daily challenges and would remind all parents that we are “open for business as usual” should you decide you would like your child to return to preschool.  We continue to operate in pods with children moving from area to area during the course of each session as before.  We also continue to adopt robust cleaning methods and are continuously encouraging children to wash their hands and also use antibacterial gel.  All staff are, as a minimum, wearing masks or visors throughout the sessions.      We are awaiting further guidance from KCC as to how this periods funding claim is able to process and will advise all parents of any updated information as and when we receive it.
The link for this week’s activities is

A sample activity sheet is demonstrated below


Should you wish to send photographs in of your children completing activities then we would love to see them, however we will not necessarily print them for their records.

Wishing you all a good week and stay safe!

Kind regards

Lisa (Manager)

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