Information for Parents for September 2020

As you may be aware Covid 19 has set us a range of challenges over the last few months.  We complied with Government guidelines and closed our setting at the end of March.  We continued to work throughout lockdown by sending our weekly activity packs to all our existing children to ensure that there was some form of continuity of learning for them all.  Then in June we were delighted to be able to welcome children back into the setting, albeit in a different format.  We operated in smaller “pods” which ensured the risk element to all our children and staff was minimal.  These pods were so successful that not only were children focussed, engaged and happy, but their progress in the curriculum was excellent.  From a role of 64 we were delighted that we were able to welcome back a total of 43 children.  It is our intention moving forward that we will continue to operate in smaller pods as detailed in our Covid Policy found on this website (and linked below). Any child joining us will be allocated a keyworker and will join one of these pods for the foreseeable future.  The Covid 19 policy ensures robust safeguarding procedures are adhered to at all times. This policy forms part of a contract with our parents. Government guidance is that priority is given to older children in any one setting and because the pod sizes are restricted it is regrettable that the availability for our new younger children is limited.  It is my intention that every child is offered a place in the setting in some capacity so that they may begin their journey along the Foundation stage of the curriculum.  It may well be that your offer is not entirely what you requested, but it is hoped that as and when restrictions may be relaxed that we are able to revisit our availability for our younger children. Additionally current guidance advises that children should only attend one setting for the time being.

We look forward to seeing you in September.

Lisa Cope (Manager)


Weavering Preschool Covid 19 Policy

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