Government Guidance to Childcare Settings

Dear Parent
I hope this finds you all well.

I am sure you will be aware of the Governments intention for us to re-open Preschool at the beginning of June.  We have read through the documentation linked below and digested the guidance offered therein.  I wish to reassure you all that your child’s safety and that of the staff is paramount to us all and we have begun to plan how we can comply with these guidelines.  Our first action is to prepare a risk assessment and then begin the task of putting into place the necessary measures to ensure that we can safely operate.  It may be that to begin with and indeed until the end of Term 6, our sessions will look somewhat different and may even operate on slightly different timings.  We may find that the safest operation is to run two separate morning and afternoon sessions?  Once our plans are confirmed we will of course make you all fully aware of how we will move forward at the given time.

Rest assured that we will do everything within our capabilities to welcome your child back into our setting in a safe and measured way.  Please read through the links given below to ensure you are fully informed.  Once our measures can be clarified we will contact you to share our intentions.

Press notice

Actions for educational and childcare settings

Implementing protective measures in educational childcare settings

Information for parents and carers

Kind regards



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