Week 3 Remote Learning

Dear Parent,
Below is the link for week 3 activities.  These  activities are there to support all our parents with the daily challenges of home schooling our little ones and we invite you to dip in and out as it suits your family commitments.  We have very much enjoyed the pictures you have been sending through over the last couple of weeks and welcome the positive feedback that you have shared with us.  However, moving forward we suggest that you prioritise with completing either the weekly feedback sheet and/or the activity sheets with the comments box at the end and maybe just limit your photographs to one or two?
We would like to introduce an additional activity this week sent through by our newest member of staff Kim, who is developing her skills in planning for the children whilst undertaking her induction period.  Kim has produced one of the UTW activities and is to be congratulated with her efforts.  Likewise I recognise from your lovely comments that you are truly appreciative of all the efforts our workforce are committed to, ensuring continuity for your children.  As I state most years in my annual report we have a dedicated and skilled range of practitioners who make our setting the outstanding preschool that it is, and I, like you are truly appreciative of their continued hard work, particularly in the face of the current challenges.
Have a good week everyone and we look forward to seeing how you tackle this weeks activities.
Kind regards to all

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