Christmas Cards

This week in your child’s folders we have placed your child’s artwork which was sent off and scanned to make professionally printed Christmas cards, Thank You cards, tags and wrapping paper. They are now availble to purchase on by inputting your unique artwork reference code which is on the back of your child’s artwork. Here you can also see the range of products which can be personalised with your own greetings.

All orders must be made on the AFPS website by Monday 11th November. Orders will then be dispatched back to preschool on Friday 22nd November. Unfortunately, we were only provided with these dates today and we understand that it does not leave a lot of time, however, these dates are set by this company and not by us. If you are on holiday this week or your child is not in attendence, then we urge you to pop in and collect the artwork so that you don’t miss out! These items have been extremely popular in previous years and make for fabulous gifts; we have also been told that the wrapping paper is very good quality for money!

We hope you like your child’s design and if you have any questions then please ask a member of staff or email us at

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